Published January 22, 2019

We were blown away when we sold out of our first class for 2019! Then we were absolutely speechless when we sold out of our second class, and we are rarely speechless. We truly believe in our company and the classes that we offer, but when the rest of community believes in it too, it’s incredibly gratifying. As we have connected with other Orlando business owners, we’ve heard the motto “community over competition” and we already see that coming to life after just TWO classes! Orlando businesses are just as eager as we are to bring the community together to learn, eat, drink, & have fun – and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty… here’s exactly went down at our first two classes:


We had 20 students roll into Orlando’s new food truck park, À La Cart, on Saturday at 10:30am. It was as if we ordered the most perfect workout weather – sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, and a perfect temp! As the students found their own spot on the food truck surrounded astroturf, you could see a look of anticipation on their faces. The Forte Fitness coaches (who looked like they could bench press the Hulk) had ropes and medicine balls set up, along with the workout written on a white board so everyone could follow along. The students nerves quickly dissipated as the music blasted and the warm up began (that playlist was fire). The 45 minute workout kicked butt and class ended with an intense battle rope circuit. Needless to say – the students and coaches earned their drinks. One of the best parts of the class (and day) was seeing all the students hanging out after it was over, enjoying everything À La Cart has to offer. This class was a success from start to finish! If you missed this one, don’t worry we already have another one on the books! Sign up here before class fills up!


What’s hand lettering you ask? Well our teacher, Chris – owner of Littera, explained it in a way we had never heard before. Put simply, it’s faux calligraphy. She walked our students through the strokes you need to make in order to achieve the script look that you have seen on Pinterest. The students spent about an hour practicing their writing and filling in their down strokes (take our next hand lettering class to find out what that means) and then they moved on to the real deal. As we looked around the room we saw many students looking to Pinterest for inspiration, but in the end, everyone made their acrylic sign completely unique. Some students chose to keep it simple and clean, while others added their own flair and embellishments. You could see the glimmer in the students’ eyes as they looked at their piece of art with pride. Most students had never hand lettered before, so to leave class with a sign that they loved and actually made themselves was a little bit surprising to them! Thank you Chris, for being such an awesome teacher! This class sold out quickly but we already have another one lined up for February. Grab a friend and come learn how to make your very own watercolored & hand lettered valentines!

We’re so happy that Orlando has loved the classes that we have offered (already have another sold out class in February) and we can’t wait to continue to get to know the community and grow local businesses!