Published January 16, 2019

Remember our first teacher feature about Sunshine Reynolds of SunReys Studio? Well, she’s the gift that keeps on giving. Sunshine introduced us to Christine Carpenter, owner of Littera – a calligraphy design studio based in Orlando that offers home decor, signage, stationary, and custom pieces for any occasion. OMG WE LOVE HER SO MUCH! Not only does she embody every characteristic we look for in a teacher, she is a self-taught calligrapher and we can’t hold back our feelings – that’s just straight up badass. But wait there’s more – want to know where the name Littera comes from? We were curious too. The Latin word, “littera”, means letter of the alphabet – a name that combined her appreciation of the Latin language and passion for calligraphy.

As it turns out, Chris had really been wanting to start teaching classes but didn’t know where to start when it came to planning one, nor did she have the time to invest into it. This is what we’ve come to find out with a lot of our teachers and hosting venues that we’ve partnered with. Running a business and trying to plan a class is a lot of work (two full time jobs), so that’s what makes us a great fit! When we learned that Chris was wanting to teach classes we knew we had to get in touch with her right away, so we didn’t hesitate at all. And thank goodness we did because as soon as we met her we knew she was perfect for the Enlighten Us community.

She’s sweet, funny, super smart, and passionate about her craft – calligraphy. She started her journey in 2016 after moving to Florida. She was in need of a creative outlet and calligraphy quickly became her favorite hobby.  She began making pieces for her friends and family as gifts and what started off as a hobby, eventually turned into a small business. Chris’ passion for the art really flourished over time and she started experimenting with different techniques and materials. Wood and acrylic are her favorite materials to work on so far, but she loves writing on anything new.

The moment we knew she was a keeper was when she told us if there was a surface she’d never written on before, she would figure it out because she loves a good challenge (we seen denim jackets in our future). As she pulled out examples of her work for us to look at, we were in awe of how beautiful each piece was. Her attention to detail did not go unnoticed, from the material she chose for her Christmas ornaments to the watercolor embellishment she added to an acrylic sign, we loved every bit of it. And we know you will too. Chris is teaching her first class with us this Thursday at Whippoorwill and it’s already sold out! Don’t worry, if you missed this one, we already have another hand lettering class with her on the schedule for February! We can’t wait for you to meet her!