Published July 18, 2019

Mix it, shake it, stir it, sip it, repeat. Sounds like a fun night, right? Just ask one of the 40 students that have attended one of our latest craft cocktail classes. Our students leave (in an Uber) with a smile on their face filled with knowledge and booze because we’ve crafted the perfect class recipe to make this class sell out faster than you can take a tequila shot. 

Our ingredients include

1.) 2 of the Best Mixologists in Central Florida

We must say, we know how to pick ‘em. They’re are extremely knowledgable, they’re funny, they’re confident, and they know how to make a damn good cocktail. Our teachers, Shawn Newman & Dustin Crawford, have over 20 years combined of experience behind the bar. They can make you go from (thinking) you hate gin to loving it in a matter of seconds and they’ve never made us an old fashioned we weren’t obsessed with (and we didn’t think we liked an old fashioned). From history on the selected spirit, to mixing techniques (anyone heard of a swizzler before?), they’ll make you feel like a pro in no time. 

2.) 4 Cocktails & Food 

We know the class may seem pricey, but where else are you getting four full-sized craft cocktails and delicious food for less than $100? NO WHERE. We’ve had dinner catered from Reyes Mezcaleria and a food pairing provided by Orlando Meats. Depending on the selected cocktail menu, we like to surprise you with some yummy food! We try to keep our classes priced at the same amount or less than what you would spend on a night out. So the next time you wanna plan a date night, head to our website and sign up for this class. 

3.) 2 of the Best Hosting Venues 

Atmosphere is key when it comes to this class. We obviously don’t want to take away business from a bar that’s already open, so we’ve teamed up with some local businesses that allow us to take over their spaces when they aren’t open. Our first cocktail class was at Whippoorwill Beer House & Package Store. If you’ve been there, enough said. The second class was at Brew Theory, Orlando’s first contract brewing facility. They have a tap room that is out of this world and they are still in their “soft opening” phase so they’ve been kind enough to let us take over the bar on Friday nights. Seeing 20+ adults having the time of their life shaking up their own cocktails kinda creates a buzz for people walking by. 

4.) Students who like to have FUN

Our students rock. It’s inevitable, if you come to this class, you’ll leave with a new friend or two. There’s something about all learning together (or maybe it’s the liquid courage) that creates these instant connections during class. Beware: we’ve even been called match-makers before!

So there you have it! It’s our not-so-secret recipe, our key to success, and the reason why we sell out of this class every single time. If you don’t get a spot in one of these classes, you can always contact us about hosting a private cocktail class for you and 10 of your closest friends! Cheers!