Published December 7, 2018

The second we met her it was if the heavens opened and the angels were singing. She’s inviting, kind, creative, collaborative, and open-minded, but above all else, she is Sunshine. Sunshine Reynolds, local Orlando artist and owner of SunReys Studio, was the first person (outside of friends and family) that we approached about becoming an Enlighten Us Teacher. To say we were apprehensive would be a complete lie. Asking someone to trust you with their business even though you have zero classes in the books and zero following (at the time) could have gone one of two ways. We told her the vision for the company, the vision for helping other companies, and the vision for the Orlando community. Thankfully, the connection was instant. So we give you Sunshine, our first featured Enlighten Us Teacher!

She began her journey as a muralist twenty years ago. Her very first job was on a twenty-by-thirty foot wall. She is self-taught, so she figured out how to take a a five inch object and turn it into a six foot masterpiece. Her painting wasn’t always perfect as she was extremely self critical. She would make mistakes, figure out how to recover, continued to learn, and ultimately it would make her appreciate those very details that she was second guessing to begin with. It’s easy to lose sight of your creativity when you compare yourself to everything that surrounds you, but we agreed with Sunshine when she said “we crave to fall in love with the details that make us unique.” Her love, light, and uniqueness has led her down an exciting career path and she is now the owner of SunReys Studio, where she creates beautiful customs pieces and also teaches a variety of classes!

You may be wondering, if she already teaches classes at her own studio – why does she want to teach for Enlighten Us? Her answer was simple. When she feels a company’s heart is in the right place, their intentions are meaningful, and a similar vision is shared, she rarely turns down an opportunity to share her passion for painting with others. In difficult times, in joyous times, or even in crazy hectic times, her class helps you slow down, focus on the canvas in front of you, and embrace the creative god or goddess within. Her mission put simply is, “to help others see the beauty of their unique nature, through expression that only color, creativity and a tender heart can nurture.”

As we reflect on our conversations with Sunshine we realized she was not only speaking in terms of painting, but in terms of life. There is negativity in this world, people telling us we can’t, we’re not good enough, or we’ll never succeed – so we start believing them and lose sight of our own dreams and goals. “We are empty because we crave expression, expression of our own uniqueness.” With Sunshine’s thoughtful words, we feel empowered to carry out the vision for our company in a way that holds true to our own uniqueness and upholds our core values. 

Now, we’re assuming you love Sunshine just as much as we do. Her first class will be Christmas Ornament Decorating on December 18th at 7:00pm at Whippoorwill Beer House. But of course, before we could even post her feature in our notebook, we have already hit class capacity! Sunshine will most definitely be teaching more exciting classes for 2019, so keep a lookout, because we could all use a little Sunshine in our lives.