Published January 9, 2019

So, it’s 2019 and your telling yourself THIS is your year. You’re putting down the Chick-fil-a, cookies, chocolate, or whatever’s weighing you down (literally) and you’re dusting off those weights that have been sitting in the garage since New Years 2015… But that’s your resolution every year, right? And it never lasts for more than 2 weeks, right? Every year we set our intentions so high and we fall back to our old ways (2 weeks in) and every year we feel guilty about it. Can we get an AMEN?!  Who are we kidding, Dry January is out of the question because… WINE. Whole30 is out of the question because… PIZZA. So, what’s left?

I think we forget resolutions don’t have to strictly be about fitness goals, losing weight, or improving your appearance. This year, resolutions mean so much more than that. Yes, we still want to eat healthy (we love a good health shot) and exercise as much as we can (heyyyy Frote Fitness) but honestly, our resolution is to not get down ourselves when we fall off the horse. I mean, it’s inevitable. We’re gonna power through the rough patches and speak positively about ourselves when we eat one too many brownies instead of feeling guilty the rest of the day. It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure.

In a world full of perfect instagram pictures and Victoria Secret Fashion Shows, how do you not compare yourself? How do you not envy the thigh gap you know you’ll never have? Well, we don’t know the right answer but this is what we’re doing in 2019: loving our bodies, minds, and souls – and making sure we do every damn day. We’re 8 days into the New Year and we already love this resolution – it’s helped us be more positive and confident in all aspects of our lives. Who wouldn’t want that?  

3 ways we stay on track:

1.) Wake up with gratitude – not everyone is lucky enough to have family, friends, & health and for that, we are eternally grateful. So each morning, we count our blessings.

2.) Turn Can’t into Can – we’re notorious for making excuses for not being able to exercise or eat healthy. This year we’re getting it done before we’re awake enough to even think of an excuse. Yes, this means a 5am wake-up call for a run or yoga.

3.) Love yourself – we’re only saying positive things about ourselves. It’s way too easy to just say the negatives, so we’re simply not allowing that this year!

LET US REPEAT – we do make an excuse every now and then, sleep through our alarm, & have pizza for lunch, but we’re not letting those slip ups get us down in 2019. Embracing who we are, loving what makes us unique, and practicing self-love every day has already made an impact in our lives just one week in.

If you’re looking to dive a little deeper this year and really kick it into gear, check out our health and beauty classes we’re offering in the next month. Here are the 3 that might help with your 2019 resolution:

  1. Mind & Body Reset
  2. Relax & Rejuvenate
  3. DIY essential oil roller

Whatever resolution you’ve chosen to go with just remember – GOOD VIBES ONLY IN 2019!