Published December 29, 2018

Thanks for the LOVE Orlando!

We hope that everyone who attended the first two Enlighten Us classes had just as much fun as we did! While we worked hard prior to the classes to make them as perfect as possible, there were little hiccups from each class that we learned from. To be completely transparent, that was our goal for these classes. We wanted to receive your feedback, focus on the details, and introduce Orlando to our brand. These classes allowed us to tweak what didn’t work and cherish your praises on what did. With a variety of class topics and ever-changing hosting venues, this will always be our goal – it’s the only way we can give the community a memorable experience every time. Yes, technically, we are a “teaching” company but we want it to be more, so much more. It’s not only about learning a skill, but about coming together with like-minded people and feeling a part of the community. In a time where everyone is consumed with their technology, there’s something very refreshing about a group of people putting their phones away and being present. Trust us, we are guilty too, but we saw firsthand how invigorating it can be to set it down, be in the moment, and create everlasting memories.

Our first class was Braids, Buns, and Beers and it was a hit! World of Beer was an awesome host who honored their happy hour drink specials and gave all class participants a free beer shot to celebrate with Enlighten Us! Who can say no to a free drink, right?!? The back room was set up perfectly for a group class, with mirrors for the students to admire their braids and small take-home bags of hair ties and bobby pins. Stacey taught a standard dutch braid, crown braid, fishtail braid and a messy top knot bun. It was a vibrant class and we can chalk it up as successful due to the fact that most everyone’s arms and hands were very tired after all that braiding. We can’t wait to host another class with both Stacey and World of Beer!

Our second class was a DIY take-home Christmas Ornament class. Sunshine perfectly led each of the students to create something that was all their own. At the start of class most students had a overwhelming not-so-sure-where-to-start look on their faces but by the end of class they transformed into proud this-is-pinterest-worthy smiles, it was really so exciting to watch the creative process. The mid-century cozy environment was most definitely a factor in the success of this class, so we can give a shout out to our wonderful hosting venue – Whippoorwill Beer House & Package Store. Only a couple months new to Orlando, you may have driven by the trendy new bar on South Street, but once you have made it in, you’ll have to stop in for a drink every time you’re in their neck of the woods. Their motto is “Our House, Your House” and the vibe is just right. It’s truly one of our favorite Orlando spots.

While we celebrated our first couple of classes, we only did so for a hot minute because we had to get back to the grind. Our goal for the New year is to offer you the best classes we possibly can with the best teachers and hosting venues we can find. If we have learned anything from the first two classes, it’s that #orlandodoesntsuck. There are so many heart-warming people we have met along the way and we can’t wait to share these people and O-town places with you! Here we come 2019, we are here to Enlighten!