Tiny Abstract Cake Decorating Workshop

November 6, 2019
7:00 pm

The art of decorating a cake is something we’re mesmerized by and never thought we could do on our own… until now! Join us at Lucky’s Market for this one of a kind workshop! Our instructor, Alyssa, of Alyssa Makes Something, is going to teach you her step-by-step process of abstract cake decorating! Once she teaches you her techniques, you’ll be able to let your creativity flow on your very own tiny cake! We can’t wait to see your designs!

Class Duration: 2 hours

Class Instructor

Alyssa Campbell

Alyssa is originally from South Carolina but she’s lived in Central Florida for about ten years now and she loves to explore and check out new places. Alyssa went to culinary school for baking and pastry and then became a full time mom. In 2014 she started a daily creative challenge as a way to find her new identity and grow, and now she’s tried just about every craft and art form on the planet. Her specialties are wood-burning and hand-lettering (and making ice cream!). Some of her favorite things are cheese fries, ampersands, organizing things in rainbow order and craft beer!

Class Location

Lucky’s Market

11750 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL

What to Bring

We will provide all materials for you to decorate and take home your tiny cake!

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