Hand Lettered Acrylic Sign

January 17, 2019
7:00 pm
hand lettered sign

Have you ever been in need of one of those beautiful hand lettered signs for a wedding or baby shower, but run out of time to get a custom one ordered? You could be that friend who just whips one up in no time (with a little bit of practice, of course)! We’ve partnered with Chris, owner of Littera, to teach you the basics in hand lettering so that you can create and take home your own acrylic sign. Display it in your house, at an event, or even in your office. She’ll teach you the technique, you choose the saying!

Class Duration: 2 hours 

Class Instructor

Christine Carpenter

Christine is the proud owner of Littera – a calligraphy design studio based in Orlando that offers home decor, signage, stationary, and custom pieces for any occasion. The Latin word, “littera”, means letter of the alphabet – a name that combined her appreciation of the Latin language and passion for calligraphy. Although Littera mainly focuses on calligraphy designs, Chris also enjoy creating watercolor and abstract pieces as well! Chris is a self-taught calligrapher and started her journey in 2016 after moving to Florida. She was in need of a creative outlet and calligraphy quickly became her favorite hobby.  She began making pieces for her friends and family as gifts and what started off as a hobby, eventually turned into a small business. Chris’ passion for the art really flourished over time and she started experimenting with different techniques and materials. Wood and acrylic are her favorite materials to work on so far, but she loves writing on anything new. There’s always something new to learn or try – and that’s the reason why she loves this craft! She is a firm believer that anyone can learn calligraphy – practice is the key!

Class Location

Whippoorwill Beer House & Package Store

2425 E South Street Orlando, FL 32803

What You’ll Need

We will provide all materials for your custom hand lettered sign!

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